Airbones Butt-Busted

Those dopey yet sexy guys in the 82nd Airborne have been charged and discharged. Seven of the studs were changed. Three of the soldiers face courts-martial on charges of sodomy, pandering and wrongfully engaging in sexual acts for money while being filmed, according to a statement released today by the military. One is also charged with adultery.

I posted about this earlier, but hey, why not use it as an excuse for more horny military pics, eh? What's silly is how we all know about this kind of stuff months before the mainstream news dares to, er, touch it. Or course, none of them dare mention that ActiveDuty.com is the site where the boys are seen getting their holes plugged. Here's JuicyGoo's generous review of an Active duty video, with seXy pics.

Pity the military has to waste money prosecuting these horny dudes. But apparently one can't be gay, have sex for pay, or especially do it on a pay site. Nope. They've gotta spend our billions torturing Iraqis and forcing democracy on people who don't seem to care for it.

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