A Body to Die For

What is it with porn whores and crime? Hmm.
Marcus Allen, aka Timothy Boham (his real name), yet another in the line of allegedly Gay for Pay porn actors (he did spawn a child), has killed his pimp in Denver and been caught trying to run off to Mexico. Seems he watched The Fluffer a few too many times.

He got caught at the border.

Who knew the Road to Temptation led to Nogales?

This article in the Denver Post offers a touching hint of what's to come in the upcoming trial:


A conflicted portrait of Boham emerged Thursday through interviews with friends and business associates.

Working as a model and boasting of numerous girlfriends, Boham led associates to believe he hated people who are gay. Yet he acted under a pseudonym in gay sex movies with titles like "Through the Woods" and "Road to Temptation," according to the website gaypornblog .com.

But Boham told Lara Holland, who lived in a Denver mansion on High Street in an apartment a floor below Boham, that he "sanitized" his apartment by thoroughly scrubbing it because a gay man had lived there previously, she said.

"He hated (gays)," she said. "He hated their lifestyle." (And yet he seemed to fuck, suck and rim with zeal in several videos. I guess he's a really good actor.)

Kelso was widely known to be homosexual. (Shocking!)

Boham worked as a model (aka whore) the past three years for Denver's Maximum Talent Agency, said Rob Lail, agency co-owner.

Boham had the right look but not the right attitude for modeling work, Lail said. (Meaning he beat up his tricks)

"He didn't like people telling him what to do. He seemed like an angry person. His opportunities were tapering off." (And his crystal stash was probably running low)


So, here we go again. Sympathy for the poor oppressed heterosexual trade who couldn't handle the increasingly kinky predilictions of his pimp, er sugar daddy, er landlord, er whatever. The alleged heterosexual kills a gay man who supported him financially in exhange for sexual favors, and now the dopey psychotic slut will be getting ass-reamed bareback in prison.

Look for the trail on Court TV, or perhaps XTube.com.

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