Censoring Facts: Fratmen Flip out

My post about "Nash" aka Paul Donahoe, a model at the website FratmenTv, was completely deleted by the Blogger staff at the bidding of the owners of that porn site.

Despite it being news on websites all over the country that two U. of Nebraska wrestlers did jackoff videos for them only a few months ago, the owners of the site, who are responsible for the two U. of Nebraska wrestlers modeling for them, seem to think anyone reporting what is news to be some sort of criinal.

Here's a message from the sponsor of the web site Just Us Boys, where I stupidly alerted members to my now censored post. Just Us Boys, which is basically a pawn of their sponsor, also censored all posts by me and others about the two wrestlers. Needless to say, I won't be visiting there again. Fucking whores.

The fascistic twit at Fratfucks' message:

[QUOTE=fratmen]You're going to be in a heap of legal headache if you don't cut it out. What possible possible benefit could you reap from causing trouble for these guys. One of first things I'm going to do when the subpoena reveals who you are is publish your personal information so everyone will know what slimeball contributed to these guys not being able to wrestle. Sure... no privacy for "porn" stars, but what's the crime in some jerk with a blog hiding behind an avatar? Disgusting!

John Marsh, Owner
Pavlov's Dog LLC

My reply:

You're the one who filmed them, you whoremonger. You should have told them about the potential consequences before you taped them, douchebag.

The fact of their being in your videos is NEWS. It's been published in dozens of mainstream publications. Are you going to attempt to censor every news site that reports this? idiot.

If there's anything "disgusting" it's your taking advantage of young men without alerting them to the consequences. He has a friggin' Nebraska University tattoo on his thigh! How long did you think it would take for someone to find out?

You can be happy to know that Blogger censored my post about the wrestlers, whoremonger.

You can be sure I will never mention your website ever agin, fuckwad, except to report on your fascistic and insane behavior. Dozens of other blogs and websites use your images under the Fair Use act.


And those websites would be here, here, here, here, here, and here.

True, they are just more of those crappy blogs that are just an advertising front for porn website sales, and they have no doubt received permission, duh, to use the images and make each other money.

It's quite bizarre that the deluded whoremongers at Fratmen seem to think they can erase the past.

This story broke on The Scarlet Project, a gossip site about U. of N. news, and has been reported all over; here, here, here, here, and here.

Read the lengthy discussion on The Mat, the forum for USA Wrestling.

An excerpt from one of his friends:

This is for all of you that would like to know a little bit about what happen and Paul's thinking. I spent the last 5 days with him here in MD while he was working my camp and hanging out in Ocean City. He has given me the ok to post this to help shed some light on his situation.

First let me just say that Paul is a good kid that made a mistake. He knows it was a mistake and I'm sure you will all get the chance to hear from him very soon. Now I do not want to speak for Kenny b/c I have never met the kid but from what I hear he is a great kid as well.

So here are the facts and a few of his views. Yes Paul posed nude for some pictures and no he is not gay. It was a modeling job and it was in no way against any NCAA regulation or code of conduct. As far as his reputation is concerned he is not worried about what people think of him or how he is portrayed in the eyes of people who do not know him as a person. His friends are his friends no matter what and those are the only people he cares about. He feels sorry that Coach Manning and the other NE wrestling Staff have to go through this b/c of his mistake. In his honest opinion he never thought anyone would find out about it. These photos were taken over 2 months ago and nothing has been said about it until a few days ago b/c no one else knew about it. As for the person that said he embarrassed his mother and father let me let you in on a few things. His parents do not support him financially in any way. His mother has only ever seen him wrestle a few times and has no ties to the wrestling community in any way. I would not be surprised if she has no knowledge of this what so ever. Paul has spoken to his dad and though his dad is upset about the whole situation, he supports his son 100%.

See videos of Donahoe wrestling here.

Here's an update about the situation, where Fratfucks' owner is more concerned about his copyright violation than the fate of the two wrestlers.

The owner of a Web site featuring gay pornography says the University of Nebraska athletic department has contacted him in an investigation into Internet photographs that allegedly show two Cornhusker wrestlers naked or partially clothed.

John Marsh of Los Angeles, owner of Fratmentv.com, said Monday that he had spoken to Nebraska coach Mark Manning and Josh White, assistant athletic director in charge of compliance.

The pictures appear to show, separately, wrestlers Paul Donahoe and Kenny Jordan, but Marsh wouldn’t confirm their identity, citing his policy to protect models.

“We’re working with the school in terms of maintaining the guys’ eligibility in the NCAA,” Marsh said.

NCAA athletes aren’t allowed to use pictures of themselves for commercial purposes.

The Associated Press has requested interviews with the men through the athletic department. Personal phone numbers couldn’t be found, and Donahoe did not respond to an e-mail message. Calls to numbers listed for people believed to be Donahoe and Jordan’s parents went unanswered, or the lines were disconnected.
The Scarlet Project, a blog that touts itself for reporting “news, scandal and gossip” at the university, posted the pictures online but altered them so that they don’t show full nudity. The blog reported that they were obtained from an anonymous person.

Marsh said he was considering legal action against the blog because the photos were taken from Fratmantv.com in violation of copyright law.

Fuck you, Fratfucks. If you're so concerned with the privacy of college athletes, you never should have shot videos of them jacking off.



Huskers dismiss 2 wrestlers accused of posing nude

By ERIC OLSON – 49 minutes ago

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — Two Nebraska wrestlers have been dismissed from the team after allegedly posing naked on an Internet pornography site.

Nebraska wrestling coach Mark Manning said Paul Donahoe and Kenny Jordan are permanently off the team. Manning says their behavior doesn't reflect the team's standard of excellence.

Manning apologized in a statement for any embarrassment caused for the athletic department, the university and fans.


Massive gabfest in the comments on Queerclick, another "lure" site affiliate that bows and scrapes to Fratmen's demands, but made quite a comedic visual out of the censorship.


Hushicho said...

You know, it seems to be that not only are the fratmen idiots being ridiculous about this (it's really their fault in the first place) but so is the school, and that gossip rag reporting it is the chiefest one of all to blame. Why is it that in this country, everyone seems to think that everyone else's business is their business?

Unfortunately it isn't just in the US, but it seems more prevalent here than most. Of course, one does wonder if they would've made any such fuss if these pictures had appeared on, say, a personal blog or site rather than a gay-related one. Suddenly it's news to them, because it's controversial since they want to stir up dirt, and questioning people's sexual orientation is always something they can do for that. It's kept the Enquirer and the Star, Globe and so forth running for decades.

I completely agree with you; this is just reporting news, and fratmen (amusingly I just typoed that 'fartmen' and had to correct myself) really have no ground to stand on if they're trying to stir up trouble here. It's a bit late for them to suddenly show crocodile sympathies at what their site has, directly or indirectly, done.

Personally I find it all rather repulsive. So because they're athletes, suddenly they're not allowed to be artistic models? Pornographic or not, that's still model work. It's not really selling their images or their 'celebrity' status, since their real names were not used if I recall. Why is there a problem? Why is this any different than them simply modelling for any photographer? I don't think the school has the right to restrict that.

Of course these questions will not be raised at all in their enquiry, which will undoubtedly just be token and make this out to be some sort of horrifically shameful thing that is somehow twisted to either be his fault or the fault of homosexuals -- I have no doubt that they'll try to put some kind of spin on it like that. I long for the day when some pathetic gossipmonger digs up some nudes that a fellow modelled for and the world responds with 'so what!'

Christopher Ryan said...

While it was a stupid mistake on behalf of the models, knowing that they are in the public eye -- at least in Nebraska. The dozens of reality stars that were outed for their "modeling."

That being said, the website is probably raking in the dough from this. It's obvious that the owner is pumping this up by doing press interviews always mentioning the website name. He could have said, no comment and hung up.

I noticed that the website blocked the free preview of Nash and Cal, so you have to buy a membership to see the model's goods. This is probably the motivation for trying to get all the adult images removed from the internet.

If he had taken down their pictures and videos from his website when this started (note Active Duty blocked new memberships when their scandal came out), I would have bought into his faux concern for his models.

I'm sure those guys didn't actively seek out adult modeling, but were actively courted. Some money, a free trip to Los Angeles, defining it as modeling, a promise that no one will ever find out, reassuring that it doesn't make you gay to masterbate for a gay site and some sly talking probably convinced them that this would be worth it.

Hushicho said...

It's especially repulsive that they've dismissed them from the team for this, like it's some sort of horrible, evil thing. Yes, don't stand by the people who have made your team succeed; make comments that insult them and their ability, as well as who they are as people. Typical, really.

It's not surprising though, considering it's cornpone territory. If it had been a female athlete they probably would've let it blow over and just left her on, or if it had been some sort of hetero sex scandal, naturally it would've been downplayed.

They were just looking for a reason to take them off the team; there's really no legitimate excuse for them doing it. All it boils down to is them being insecure about someone on their team posing nude (gasp and shock!) for a site that caters to gay men.

Pathetic, in this day and age, but typical as well.

Christopher Ryan said...

re: Queerclick - They censor comments as well. If the owner doesn't agree with your comments, he'll just not post them. So, anything critical to their affiliate masters is usually not seen.

C said...

Which is more sad: that these kids had the rug pulled out from under them for doing a video (which seems to be more tame than the likes of Paris Hilton, MiniMe, and other celeb sex tapes) or that these kids had the rug pulled out from under them by the gay community -including this very blog. Talk about biting the hand that feeds it... When all the hot guys hear about this and stop posing for pics & making videos and we're left to look at ugly guys, ask yourself "Did I contribute to this?"

david said...

I second the above post. You're an asshole, Mr. Bacchus.

Tom Bacchus said...

Which is more pathetic, a couple of anonymous porn purveyors playing moral police, or defending a porn maker who never tells two young guys about the possible negative results of being in porn?

You're both asshole closet cases and pathetic John Marsh sycophants. you both came here specifically via Fratmen's dictate; rope 'em in, get 'em on tape, and then dump 'em.

Marsh's false concern for the guys was over nothing but his own profits.

Agent Tango said...

TB I totally agree with you. They are whoremongers plain and simple. Unfortunately these two are the only ones that Fr----d has sleazed up and exploited. There are few others that have tried to move on but can't go far due to their Fr----d history. Sure ultimately it's the fault of the "models" but the site owners seem to prey on the young and naive.

C said...

Actually I am not a closet case. I'm quite open and proud of my sexuality. And I'm not here on the dictate of a website. I'm not a member of their site but I read your blog was disgusted by the glee you displayed in throwing those two kids out to dry. You blame the owner of the website for not warning them of the consequences of posing for him, yet you had no problem outing them, publishing their real names, and posting photos of them. What's the difference between you and the site owner? Oh yes: he paid them. You simply aired their dirty laundry and blamed everyone else for what you did. Now you can blame the site owner, you can blame anyone who disagrees with you, and you can blame anyone else that you want - the bottom line is that you knew the possible hurt and pain you would cause by publishing those young men's information - and you chose to do it. So live with it, move on, and quit blaming everyone else for what you contributed to.

Tom Bacchus said...

Oh, get over your smug self.

I didn't "out" anyone, you idiot. It was already done by some bitter queen in Nebraska, or quite possibly, at the hands of Fratmen themselves to get $$ and web hits.

did you ever think of that?

Further, the deleted previous post was only put up by me AFTER it had hit Associated Press, and a dozen other straight mainstream web news sites.

Further, the nude pics, as listed, are STILL on more than a dozen blogs, which have a financial gain to make from continuing to link to Fratmetn.

I gain nothing from this; if there's any "glee," it's in exposing the blatant hypocrisy of Marsh and Fratmen, and mewling queens like you who defend a porn site purely aimed at making money, and attack a free blog that comments on what is ALREADY news.

It's people like you who defend hypocrites like Jeff Gannon, Matt Sanchez, and Republican porn and hook-up site owners, then point a scolding finger at those who dare criticize them.

Go find some "innocent" porn to clutch your pearls over.

C said...

Again your accusations come totally out of the blue and have absolutely no merit. I don't even who know Jeff Gannon or Matt Sanchez are. But if they were models on a porn site who had their real names thrown all over your blog along with their school photos, then yes, I would certainly defend them. In related news, your next comment to me will most likely blame me for Global Warming, while you still deny that you gleefully exposed two seemingly nice kids who made one slip of bad judgment. This conversation, along with your bog, are both officially boring me to tears so I shall not return.

Tom Bacchus said...

"I don't even who know Jeff Gannon or Matt Sanchez are."

Which proves your level of understanding of the topic.