(Pants) Opening Ceremonies

While watching the glorious fascistic pageantry of the Bejing Olympics (why no muscial number commemorating the slaughter of Tibetan monks, the heinous Mao regime or the Tienanmen Square massacre, hmm?), I was busy online enjoying another celebration; the fifth Anniversary of Montreal's Stock Bar's website, www.nudemaledancers.com!

Yes, for me, even a big day like the Olympics opening can't stop me from enjoying one of my favorite things in life; hot strippers waggin' their hard cocks! And uncut Quebec cocks are even better.

Oh, how I long for the days when the US dollar could get you a night of lap dances, cheap beer, and nonstop hot strippers shaking their bonbons on that lovely stage. I should go back soon. in the meantime, Stock's website was free last night. I know. I should have mentioned that earlier, I'm bad.

In between checkin' out the live streaming show (and awkwardly videotaping my computer screen, since I have no idea how to download streaming cams), I eagerly downloaded as many pics and videos as possible.

The site doesn't have as many beefy hotties as the live show does (Mike being a thick big exception). There are a few too many twinks for my taste, but there is a nice archive of a few hundred pics and a few dozen videos.

Still, the live show is the best; guys wrap themselves, and sometimes their dicks, around that pole, and shake it for the patrons.

I don't make a penny by referring the site (Hmm; gotta see about whoring myself out with some ads in exchange for a membership), and the video stream quality is shaky, particularly with a slower connection. But hey, it's a Canuck cock festival. And just hearing that Quebecois announcer reminded me of those boner-inducing dancers and the hot private shows I had.

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