Dutch (Trick or) Treat

Dutch soccer player Stefan Postma likes to get fucked by women with dildos.

A perfectly wonderful erotic past time, to be sure. Just don't make a home video if you don't expect it to show up online everywhere. like Here on TotallyCrap.com, or here, on Rapidshare, or here on dump.geenstijl.nl.

Apparently the gossip about this started in March 2005, but some people just never got around to finding, copying or translating the term "straponum" from the original Dutch.

Fuzbaler je za mastne denarce odkupil DVD posnetek, na katerem ga punca analno penetrira z umetnim penisom

Šport Vratar Aston Ville Stefan Postma je odkupil DVD posnetek, na katerem ga punca penetrira s strap-onom - akcija tako o?itno ne bo prišla v javnost.

You can even play Stefanus, an online game where you aim a dildo at his gaping hole while he defends a goal!

Question: Does the Postma always cum twice?

Answer: Who can say? For more soccer fun, albeit dildo-fucking-free, visit CalcioFan's blog.

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