Big Gulp

Gawker released a YouTube link to the never-before-aired "donkey sperm and piss guzzler episode.

Frankly, I know I would have won, hands down. If Joe wanked a bit of his own it'd be more fun, but...whatever. It's cum, people. Juice of life.

Of course, the most famously delicious -and at the time, controversial, cum-eating scene Rob Cryston slurps Miguel Lopez' jizz like pudding with his tongue as a spoon.

Free video hosting at Gaywatch.com

Another link if that doesn't load, so to speak.)

Here's the full scene. Delish..

Imagine my surprise when a search for the title of this revealed some almost criminally graphic flash photos of the famous jizz-lips love scene:



Some people think it's a fake.

No. They did the sex scene and that was real. Then they shot more photos, like theatre, to recreate it. Miguel is holding a dildo with a tube inside it. You can even see the tube passing under his butt.

Hey, it's still sexy to me, both versions.

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