So long, Harry

Harry Reems' beautiful hairy man cock was the first erect penis I ever saw on film. And for that, I am forever thankful.

Reems died today (March 20, 2013). From the Los Angeles Times obituary:

Harry Reems, who starred with Linda Lovelace in the 1972 pornographic film "Deep Throat" and became a cause celebre in Hollywood after he was convicted on federal obscenity charges related to the movie, has died. He was 65.

Reems, who had pancreatic cancer and other ailments, died Tuesday at a Salt Lake City veterans hospital. His death was confirmed by the Veterans Affairs Salt Lake City Healthcare System.

He arrived on the Miami set of "Deep Throat" as the lighting director but when the man hired to portray the doctor in the film failed to show up, director Gerard Damiano said: "Put on this coat; you're acting," Reems told The Times in 2005.

At first he enjoyed the celebrity that accompanied starring in one of the most successful pornographic films of all time.

"You could call me the Shirley Temple" of adult films, Reems told an interviewer when "Deep Throat" was released. "Take an X film and make it an R because I have a PG body."

Well, I thought he had a fantastic body, a real man's body. Watching 'Deep Throat' a bootleg VCR with a few fellow gay and straight stoned college buddies, I learned the magical technique of taking a delicious erect cock all the way down my throat. Sure, it was tacky, and low-budget, and not the best film, but of course, it made history.

His facial hair defined the term 'pornstache.'

I guess I should also thank his co-star, Linda Lovelace, who was the one actually sucking his cock. But somehow, watching that video, as my pals hid our spouting boners in our jeans, I knew that I could discard my gag reflex and truly dive deep into the enjoyment of fellatio.

His fucking technique, brisk and rapid, left something to be desired, in terms of longevity. But his devilish sense of humor, and most of his films were funny as well as sexy, showed me that straight sex was just as much fun to watch as gay sex.

So long, Harry. Thanks for cumming.

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