Harlem Shake (yo dick)

ruggers shake it

Okay, this is way past old, but it's been of amusement to me for a long time.

The 'Harlem Shake' phenomenon of people doing their own versions of the hip-thrusting crazy dancing set to a 30-second excerpt from the song has long since become a passe Internet trend. 

But I found one aspect to be worth sharing; the naked versions! And I don't mean the "Naked Blizzard" version (which is cute, but not nude).

While some aspire to porny-ness, like this sadly dressed locker room version, others have gone a bit further with the sexy.

The French website A Cause de Garcons features two hot nude versions, and Youtube embeds of the G-rated jock versions: a gymnastics and hockey team. The studs feign disinterest, then, at the hook, shake it and hump each other and the air. They also have screencaps of a water polo team shaking their wet bodies in a locker room.

While the gymnastics team version is really more of promo for the team, the ruggers are just enjoying some nude dick-flopping shower fun. So does another rugby team HERE. and HERE.

But even before the Harlem Shake trend got fully nude versions (where is the porn version? There are many nude lady versions), there always seems to be one or two hot hunks wiggling and shaking in next to nothing, except a funny hat, mask or football helmet.

Even the Philadelphia Flyers ice hockey team got  down to short and jocks straps for their version.  

Here's a short nude helmet-wearing dude and his cock-flopping pals. and in this one, the lead guy strips to a sock and helmet to show off his 98% nude body.

But be careful with your 30 seconds of fame. A New York high school team got into hot water with their gay sex-humping joke, and had to forfeit a game!

Essentially, this proves that a lot of guys secretly want to show off their flopping dicks and shaking booties to the whole world.

There's something innately revolutionary about the idea of such giddy hysteria and celebration. While it's already been popularized even on the TV show Glee, it still amuses millions of YouTube fans.

There's also something innately phallic about a nearly naked man wearing a motorcycle helmet. While I've never been in or even seen a flash mob live, I have on a few occasions made out with a guy in a helmet. It's a lot clumsier than it seems.

This guy jacks off in his helmet: http://www.militaryjerkoff.com/category/sex-in-helmets/

Unless you're just sucking his dick at an orgy.

And if you're the one wearing the helmet, that makes things ... interesting:

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