Hard to Swallow: Drawn to Hot Gay Comics

I love comics, and gay comics, and gay erotic comics. I've got an entire shelf full of them, including a complete collection of Hard to Swallow, the fun sexy anthologies of  some of the sexiest art and stories. 

Two of my favorite comic artists, Dave Davenport and Justin Hall, will be featured in Northwest Press' new bound edition of the best of their stuff, and you can get a copy, plus more stuff, by donating to their new Kickstarter campaign! Yay for cartoon cocks and butts! Plus, the two artists are quite the studmuffins themselves.

Davenport is known for his furry sexy characters, including hot skatepunks, gogo cubs and horny werewolves. There's action, adventure and hot sex.

In addition to his comics, Davenport is also an accomplished tattoo artist. 
He's done tribal stuff, mythical creatures, even some of his own characters. Imagine being able to lick and splooge upon one of his bonerized werewolves on a guy's arm or back. Mmm. 

It's better than getting lube on a comic book while fapping to his art. Hey, I've done it.

Here's one of Dave's amazing tattoos:

Here is some of Dave's sexy art!

Along with his campy Glamazonia character, Justin Hall has created touching autobiographical works, and outright fun stories. 

If you've ever been to the Prism Comics booth at a Comic-Con, you know he's a big friendly stud. He's even been known to strip down to a Speedo, boots and luchadore mask. Hey, anything to sell comic books.

And speaking of skin, while Davenport makes flesh cum, er, come alive with his tat work, Hall is also open about having done porn. Yup, he's a sexual superhero as well.

Under the name Steve Trevor, he's fucked and sucked in about a dozen Titan fuck flicks. He's also been a hot whipping leather top in some Bound Gods/Kink.com scenes, too.

Ooh, spank me, daddy!

Hall chose the name Steve Trevor after Wonder Woman's male sidekick, who often seems to get tied up by dastardly villains. 

In the classic Lynda Carter TV series, Lyle Waggoner played Trevor, and who wouldn't fap to the idea of that manly man wrapped in rope?

So after you've finished jacking to 'Steve' and his hot porn, Dave's tats and these images, sign up to support this fun hot new book that'll make you smile and make you hard...to swallow!

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