Jason Stark Naked: an appreciation of the (now MIA) Aussie Dildo King

Like others, you didn't get the name, at first. It was simply a hot hot Aussie jacking off and slipping a dildo up his fine ass.

Then some modeling shots of a bigger, brawnier Jason Stark appeared in some modelly model shoot.

Then he was identified as Jason Stark. that guy who loves dildo play.

He's not to be confused with the not at all interesting new 'straight' porn guy, the other Jason Stark.

I discovered more photos on Man Country that paired up the bigger, hotter, gayer Jason's modeling shots, and cam caps of him enjoying a big dildo up his spread ass. Multiple screencaps confirm it; the big muscle man's a hot bottom.

I misnamed him as Tony in a few downloads, and thought he'd done a few home cam shows as a fun slut.

Holy Colon! I had no idea he has done hundreds of toy-loving jackoff and buttplay sessions on MaleCams (now deleted) and MHcams, a mirror site with the same stuff, but the blue background's nicer (oops; gone, too).

I don't get a referrer click for that, just the thrill of having discovered the sheer volume of hundreds of clips of Jason Stark masturbating with Dildo Pride. Here's to a manly man proving that the anus is a healthy sex organ, and there's no shame in loving toys up your butt! Sadly, it seems his massive library of dildo butt jackoff sessions have disappeared. You could try downloading ones like this one while they last.

I felt inspired by Jason Stark's masturbatory skill, his consistency in turning on in clip after clip. Of course, I shan't invest in whatever exorbitant billing entails seeing and downloading all his clips, because they've disappeared. And nearly all of them have been removed from online porn sites. But among toy masturbators, and there are many, he was the best. Cum back, Jason!

It's kinda, once you've seen a few, they all seem the same. And don't try finding any on Xhampster, Redtube,  I gave up, and got distracted by the strippers category on this new site.

But still, I'd love to have a full wall projection of multiple Jason jackoff sessions.

But I'd also, as would others, enjoy the sight of him sucking a man's cock and getting plowed by man cock as well, at the same time.

He even shared his fantasies in his profile (now deleted). 
 "I like manly guys, sucking, getting head, licking balls and having my ass eaten out.. Love multiple sex partners. Rimming, ass eaten out, sucked, lips kissing, nipples played with at the same time. Like in the middle of a football team."
He obviously has the skill set. Happy Dildo buttplay Pride, and thanks, Jason, for all your hard work. Sorry to see you go. You'll always be the best Jason Stark in solo porndom!

And look who poured champagne on hot musician's boat party in Sydney?

Thanks for all the butt-play, Jason!

Here's a short scene. Enjoy. Update 2020: Or enjoy these collected clips!

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intentionally anonymous said...

I still remember that he and a friend of his was also present in this birthday there unrolled in this boat (scene used in this clip of Steve Le Grand, then they are friends), both were accused of having raped by women at the exact same time ... LOL (I know, let's find the error ...)