Brody George's massive talent aka Mike Marin aka William Price, superhung stud

Not to repeat the obsession with big muscled hugely hung yet remote studs, here's the multi-named huge-cocked 2 or 3-time video masturbator and jizz unloader, In his limited career, Brody/William/Mark etc. made an enormous impression.

Albeit two useless fakes, here are some lovely composites of Brody's erect cock here.
Many pics of his Paragon Men shoot Here.  And oh my gosh, here's an album of his beefier jackoff scene.

Mark jacks off for your enjoyment.
Brody George is a classic nude model.
William Price is a more clothed model.
I want to suck all their cocks, deep, down into my throat. Fortunately, they're the same man, because triple-sucking that monster would choke me out. More, including videos: 


Stripper Cock in yer Face! - Brad Ford's big muscle talent

Brad: His cock in my face!

 With a wad of freshly earned cash in one pocket, and convenient hole in the other pocket, i took in the hottest nude dancer party in town, Adonis Lounge, at various locations. My appetite for stripper cock needed quenching, and they brought it.

 Among the talents was Brad (left photo) whose big talents we've seen before, in abundance! Hard cock pics below.

As I've humble-bragged before, I myself used to shake my barely clothed, but never nude or hard, sorry,ass at many a club night back in the day.

And we all pine for The Gaiety (pics inside) and other favorite stripper cock shows. Videos linked, too.
Brad was one of many big muscled guys who do lap dances with their dicks flopping about. Pretty fun stuff. Not like some other places, where you can suck a stripper's cock, or let him hump you until you cum. But it was fun. Below, Brad Ford nude and hard, and strippers showing their cocks, in review.


Herr Trump taken on by unlikely foe: Badass Park Rangers

Censorship efforts backfire on President Snowflake and team

 Don't fuck with park rangers, asshole.


Speaking for the rangers I've met, they love the outdoors, and who wouldn't. Defend nature, the best place to have sex or jackoff.


What a Pisser! Will Trump's last stunt whizz out his urinaguration?

What a pisser. Breaking news splashed all over headlines and thirsty social media as Donald Trump's alleged blackmail videotape of him getting pissed on by Russian prostitutes could be the last fall this Humpty Drumpfty can take.

Leave it to the king of the golden throne, spray-paint yellow of whatever, to almost tarnish one of my favorites fetishes, of which there are many; pissing.

Consensual, between guys, after a few beers, preferably spewed over a bulldozer truck tire, and then whatever else may hap.

Usually, it's a bit more formalized in a sex club as a piss place, so maybe Donny had to do it in a tub. We'll probably see his alleged R. Kelly performance.

In the mean time, count the days until the Urinaguration.

The incriminating document is HERE.


Did Vikings have gay sex?

If you're a fan of the popular Vikings series, with the intense bromance between the main characters, you have to wonder if these dudes ever got it on. I mean, they're so macho, and they let women be warriors, so why not spank the monkey with Sven or Yarlssson? 

On my Tumblr site, I posed this query twice, with an open proposal that Men.com or another studio that does gay X-rated parodies do a Vikings gay fuck film, and I found the perfect performer, Brit stud Ben Brown, who bears a stunning likeness to Vikings actor Travis Fimmel

I've been having fun on Tumblr, Twitter and other social media that allows X-rated content. Tumblr's being a bit hypocritical about it; you can share someone else's lengthy fuck scenes, along with thousands of others, but the few times I posted a short cum shot or anything, it got deleted and I got threatened with expulsion. Not so with Blogger, which threatened to do that, but backed off when thousands of adult bloggers protested.

Anyway, the purpose of all this time-wasting fun on social media was to promote my books, which has become an epic fail. I've sold maybe a few dozen Kindle editions of my three collections, Bone, Rahm and Poke, and a few of my well-reviewed scifirotia tale Q-FAQ.