Sticky Books - Drawn to Hot Men of Comic Erotica


Sticky Graphic Novels just released some new sexy comic erotic books by Dale Lazarov and several illustrators. And I got a sneak preview! From burly kilt-clad studs to horny men of faith, and some cowboy musicians, these hot little books will draw you in with their manly fun.


Cumpilation Cornucopia; music, sex & celebs mixed

Here's to the joy of discovering an entirely new throbbing vein of erotic stimulation, and a creative one at that.

AnyBunny has hundreds of mixes, and mostly str8 cumpilations. Allow me to curate this adventure into a new subgenre, the porno music video.

That someone took the time to put these clips together makes them more enjoyable than a mere fuck clip. This is erotic art! Okay, it's just fucking set to music.


Channing Tatum as our Pound Puppy

While looking for some new clips and images and gifs of cutey Channing Tatum as a dancing (and gay) sailor in the new Coen brothers film Hail Caesar, I found some rather amusing gifs and images of The Chanster as a puppy slave, grinding his ass (Unfortunately not at the camera) in a small cameo in the hilarious 2013 stoner apocalypse comedy This is the End


Hard to Swallow: Drawn to Hot Gay Comics

I love comics, and gay comics, and gay erotic comics. I've got an entire shelf full of them, including a complete collection of Hard to Swallow, the fun sexy anthologies of  some of the sexiest art and stories. 

Two of my favorite comic artists, Dave Davenport and Justin Hall, will be featured in Northwest Press' new bound edition of the best of their stuff, and you can get a copy, plus more stuff, by donating to their new Kickstarter campaign! Yay for cartoon cocks and butts! Plus, the two artists are quite the studmuffins themselves.


Snowmagettin' Off!

Snowmageddon is in full force on the East Coast, and here in New York City, it's beautiful and crazy fun. I love the city when it's blanketed in white fluffy snow. 

Forget about the horribly slushy muck it'll become, or that people were shopping in droves, clearing the shelves at Gristede's. It's fun! 

And I'm not alone in being someone who gets an erotic charge out of all the ozone in the air. Yep, the cold makes me hot.

"Chionophile" is the word for people who love cold weather, and animals that thrive in it. Not exactly a fetish term, but let's go with that.

Here are a bunch of hot guys getting naked in the snow! Below that are lots of porn links of gay, straight and bisexy folks gettin' their snowma-get-off action on!


2015 in Review: Random Rumps, Sexy Celebs, Diverse Dicks

Years ago, when I started this blog, I had no idea how many 1000s of images I'd collect for fun and to cover the multitude of amusing topics in gay (and bi and straight) male sexuality. When I decided to experiment with migrating my blog to WordPress, I found the nearly endless array of images I considered migrating to a cloud storage,  But my Google account still has them all, and screencapping the vast album library became a sort of sexual history of my fapping philosophy. Here are just a few scrolls-worth of the many pricks and pics I've uploaded.