What a Pisser! Will Trump's last stunt whizz out his urinaguration?

What a pisser. Breaking news splashed all over headlines and thirsty social media as Donald Trump's alleged blackmail videotape of him getting pissed on by Russian prostitutes could be the last fall this Humpty Drumpfty can take.

Leave it to the king of the golden throne, spray-paint yellow of whatever, to almost tarnish one of my favorites fetishes, of which there are many; pissing.

Consensual, between guys, after a few beers, preferably spewed over a bulldozer truck tire, and then whatever else may hap.

Usually, it's a bit more formalized in a sex club as a piss place, so maybe Donny had to do it in a tub. We'll probably see his alleged R. Kelly performance.

In the mean time, count the days until the Urinaguration.

The incriminating document is HERE.


Did Vikings have gay sex?

If you're a fan of the popular Vikings series, with the intense bromance between the main characters, you have to wonder if these dudes ever got it on. I mean, they're so macho, and they let women be warriors, so why not spank the monkey with Sven or Yarlssson? 

On my Tumblr site, I posed this query twice, with an open proposal that Men.com or another studio that does gay X-rated parodies do a Vikings gay fuck film, and I found the perfect performer, Brit stud Ben Brown, who bears a stunning likeness to Vikings actor Travis Fimmel

I've been having fun on Tumblr, Twitter and other social media that allows X-rated content. Tumblr's being a bit hypocritical about it; you can share someone else's lengthy fuck scenes, along with thousands of others, but the few times I posted a short cum shot or anything, it got deleted and I got threatened with expulsion. Not so with Blogger, which threatened to do that, but backed off when thousands of adult bloggers protested.

Anyway, the purpose of all this time-wasting fun on social media was to promote my books, which has become an epic fail. I've sold maybe a few dozen Kindle editions of my three collections, Bone, Rahm and Poke, and a few of my well-reviewed scifirotia tale Q-FAQ.


Little Joe

For absolutely no reason, here are some pics of the infamous Joe Dallesandro.

Somewhere online are clips of the greatest celebrity sex tape: Joe getting fucked raw.

I've got the whole series of films somewhere. The clip is just a few sexy moments. Being shot on film oh so long ago before he became Andy Warhol's muse gives it a tasty vintage quality. He puts Tommy, Pam, Paris, Colin, Fred, and all those others "caught" on tape celebs to shame.

Even into his 50s he looked good. His son was pretty cute in the 80s (see pic).

I wonder what it's like to know your dad was the greatest art house sex icon of the last century? Hmm.


Sticky Books - Drawn to Hot Men of Comic Erotica


Sticky Graphic Novels just released some new sexy comic erotic books by Dale Lazarov and several illustrators. And I got a sneak preview! From burly kilt-clad studs to horny men of faith, and some cowboy musicians, these hot little books will draw you in with their manly fun.


Cumpilation Cornucopia; music, sex & celebs mixed

Here's to the joy of discovering an entirely new throbbing vein of erotic stimulation, and a creative one at that.

AnyBunny has hundreds of mixes, and mostly str8 cumpilations. Allow me to curate this adventure into a new subgenre, the porno music video.

That someone took the time to put these clips together makes them more enjoyable than a mere fuck clip. This is erotic art! Okay, it's just fucking set to music.