Smokin' Dick Wolf

Sometimes, an ex-porn star can be hotter than a current one. Dick Wolf is one of many studs featured in the artistic Rough Gods, a photo book by Michael Alago.

But he's also made a few hot videos. I recall one - Skuff II - where he wags a rubber dog tail - the other end's a dildo shoved up his butt. Is that right, or did I dream of a perfect dog man?

Anywhose, a bit of online goss with a new online pal got me ruminating about Wolf, and then I discovered his BigMuscle profile. Dayum! He's a bit more chunky, and was once skinny, too. But who cares? Something intense about him seems flavorable no matter the shape.

Oh, he also makes fun music, quit porn, writes crazed Burroughs-esque stuff, and runs a pot store - with his boyfriend. Why are all the fine, upstanding gentlemen taken?

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