Do I have to blog about Foleygate? Pervgate? Page-gate, or whatever it's called today?

Do I have to post links to prove how innately corrupt this "administraiton" is, how piss whore Jeff Gannon (pictured) is tied to it all, and still lies like the piss whore he is by pretending to be a journalist in gay publications, or that Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert is a big ole mo who molested boys when he was a wrestling coach, and knew for years about Foley, and so did his gay roommate, or the proof that Abu Ghraib was actually a "sex ring" and not just a torture hell, or that Congressman Jim Kolbe went on a camping trip with underage pages, and one can easily surmise what took place there, or that dozens, if not hundreds of Republican elected and appointed officials have been arrested and sentenced for actual sex crimes, including raping their own children, but those never made national headlines, or that this whole antigay Republican gay perv witch hunt media frenzy is being compared to the Nazi's Night of the Long Knives?

I'm just pissed that having to post about this bumped my hot nude frontal pic of Stade France cocksman Christophe Dominici (see below).

With all this anti-gay gay bullshit the Rethugs are up to, and about, it's enough to make a homo switch to pussy.

Or should I leave the comments to Tony Award-winning playwright Tony Kushner?

Yeah, I think I will.

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