Truth Sayers

To celebrate my 200,000th visit (I know, some gay nude bloggers have a million; so, I'm relatively new to the scene), I'm showing some recent pics of my favorite former wrestler turned super model, Joseph Sayers.

As you may know, little Joe first posed nude for a certain fellow who got Joe to show everything. He was just 18, and had goals of being in Playgirl, I've heard, although the pics were more in line with a more graphic gay publication.
I recall nearly spending a few hundred dollars to peruse the full array of pics sold on Ebay, of Joseph showing his butthole, his hard dick, and well, a lot of other sexy yet poorly shot pics.

Later, of course, Bruce Weber shot Joe in some relatively tame frontal shots.

However, brilliant photographer Joe Oppedisano convinced Joseph, a very popular model by now, to bare it all again, in some much better composed images in his luscious book, Testosterone.

True, Joe isn't showing a stiff erection like Mr. Ed*lson got, but the quality is much better.

And hey, you can see Joe's dicky right there on Amazon.com!

See? Good things come to (but not yet on) those who wait.

I know, I'm repeating some images. Are you gonna complain? I didn't think so.


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