Rugby is the Gayest

Sorry, wrestling, but rugby is gayer than you are.

Wrestlers may wear tights, grab each others' dicks and asses on the mat, but they don't rip off their clothes in pubs and get drunk afterward, then smooch each other and jack each other off.

And wrestlers certainly don't make videos of themselves doing all that.

Fortunately, rugger buggers do.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Sorry, wrestling. Rugby's gayer than you are.

Your French compadres pretty much established that with its annual nude calendars. Gayer than Gay Gayerson.

And all those ultra serious gay rugby clubs getting documentaries made about them because they're so butch and manly, and have a dead hero to worship who allegedly saved people or tried to, even though Dick Cheney ordered their plane shot down, which nobody talks about - sorry, you're still gay, and I mean that not in the smug "just as good as anyone else pride" way.

I mean it in the Barbara Kruger "you invent intricate rituals that allow you to touch the skin of other men" kind of gay way.

Rugby, you're the gayest.

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