Nice Packages

Christmas is the time for tacky decorations, false sincerity and mass consumerism, eggnog, being with family, while secretively logging on to porn site's on your parents' computer.

Of course, if you need your Yule Log warmed up, you could visit www.GaychristmasPorn.com. I'm not recommending you pay for a membership, nor is the link a money-maker for me. It's just a funny odd site I found while looking for gay X-rated holiday pics.

If you're smart and live where there are Jewish folks, you abandon all the holiday crap, and go see a movie and have Chinese food with your gay Jewish friends, then have hot kosher sex with one or more of them. I have, but this year, it's a boring holiday in the east, without my gay friends. I'll be back in the city for a hot gay New Year's soon!

Happy stolen Pagan holiday!

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