Man-watching Watchmen

The comic book Watchmen has been adapted to a film, and one thing that isn't missing, even in the trailer, is Dr. Manhattan's lower borough, i.e. his blue cock. Nice.

We'll see how much of this character (voiced-over by actor Billy Crudup, whose voice you may recognize from the Mastercard commericals) we get to peruse in the film; action scenes with his cock flopping around?

Collecting erotic superhero imagery: dozens of hours.
Buying X-rated comics in stores and on Ebay: about $100.
Seeing a completely nude superhero in a mainstream film: priceless.

I'm not holding my breath, but still hjoping for a live actor + CGI feature adaptation of Richard Corben's Den, featuring a bald hugely hung protagonist. Vin Diesel or Bill Goldberg would fit the bill nicely.

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Rex said...

I love the superheros. Great post. Thanks