Stuffed Stockings

All I want for Christmas is Antonio Sabato, Jr.

Okay, I'll settle for a bootleg of each of his segments on last summer's Celebrity Circus, with him flying around shirtless. Or, him, naked, his pendulous uncut cock swaying back and forth, as he gives me a present, as in the otherwise tedious film Testosterone.

And then he can fuck me hard, like this:

This is where I unleash my Santa hat fetish:

I mean, really; what could be more hot than a chubby silver bear who breaks into houses to give kids toys?

For more Xxxmas fun, check out NightCharm's X-rated Santa video selection from last year.

And once again, I make no $$ off linking it, and it looks ultra sleazy, but here's a pay site for Gay Christmas Porn.

Okay, if Antonio's not available, i'll settle for Enzo Pileri gogo dancing in my living room.

Happy Ho'lidays.

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