Into the Wild

I'm so turned on! Non-porn this time.

Dave Salmoni. He shows off some pubey-ness in the current issue of Flaunt. Yum!!

Of course, we also like him nude and wet in the bush or as Tarzan showing off his big snake. Hehe.

And then, there's Spartacus: Blood and Sand.

Graphically violent, 300-derivative, ample male nudity, including Manu Bennett, whom I've adored for years, and ached to see him shirtless, and then, wham! full frontal Kiwi cock! Jeez.

And for dessert, Sterling Archer, the dorky asshole jerk spy in the hilarious animated TV show Archer.

Here's the "gay" episode. it's hilarious, Sterling gets nearly naked. A lot.

I know, he's a cartoon. But he's about as available as Dave or Manu. A man can dream.

What? Like you weren't thinking it.

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