Gym Dandies

So, I've been going to the gym a lot lately; fighting time and gravity.
Sure, there are often hotties showing it off. But it's rarely like the pics attached.
Too often, there are always the sad old guys who take way too long primping themselves and peeking at others.
Worse are the trolls who deliberately prance around naked showing off their sagging bellies, tiny dicks and obvious pervy behavior.
While I don't mind witnessing a little wank action in the steam room, it does make me prefer to stand. I can't imagine what sort of goo is on the seats.
Yes, I'm an old 'mo. So who am I to complain?
Well, I've still got what's been called a hot body. And at least unlike the grossest troll I saw today, I don't use a blow dryer on my back hair. I don't even have back hair.
Still, it's nice to see nice nudes. It is an inspiration, even for an old troll like me.

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