Nudes in the News! Naked Rugby

Nudes in the News!

 "Cool conditions were no deterrent to the Nude Blacks as they took on the Springbox at the North Ground in Dunedin today. In what has become something of a rugby tradition in the city, the teams played an unofficial curtain-raiser to tonight's All Blacks v Springboks test at Forsyth Barr Stadium and more than 1000 people turned out under grey skies to watch.

The home side ran out 30-20 winners in a match that came to life in a second half featuring a pizza delivery car and a guest appearance by a solitary nude woman who joined the Springbox for a single play and sneaked over for a try. Earlier, the Nude Blacks entertained the crowd with their warm-ups and a haka, which reportedly drew as many groans as laughs from the watching crowd. "

Don't mind the Shrink Factor! You can watch the video at the NZ newspaper's website.

It's pretty neat that they have no compunction about showing hot guys running around naked, uncensored, with their dickies flopping about. Can't say that about repressed America.

Of course, ruggers love to get their kit off, and we get off when they get it off, be it for calendars, getting dacked on-field, or with the amazing Tim Oakes, posing with their huge uncut cocks at full mast!

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