Greyston Holt: Smitten, and Bitten by the Hot Wolf

 "I went in the forest in Vancouver with my buddy’s dog. I went off the trail and I hiked for about an hour up, completely naked, with my buddy’s dog. Because I figured these guys are always changing in the forest and nude all the time, I gotta channel that."

—  Greyston Holt on prepping for being a werewolf in the Netflix show Bitten.
Here's our pre-Halloween tribute to the hottest studliest fuck me now-est werewolf on TV and movies in years.

 Wed' like to get naked in the woods with this hunk.

Holt's character gets naked in almost every episode; showering, running around in the woods, humping that blond chick...


Costar Steve Lund plays Holt's brother. 
He and his hunky monkey bro are very close.

Here's a clip of them getting a boat float:

Whomever, and however he loves, naked in the woods, hard and wolfish, or soft and sweet in a haystack, Holt gets us howlingly hard.

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