Studly Saint Nick: A Very Cougar Christmas: 90s porn stud refound

While digging out the holiday gay apparel, I found a box of old VHS porn, and almost threw out one that had my first scene found of chunky blond pale-assed stud Nick Cougar.  

Actually, I'd forgotten his name until Xhampster had several with his name credits, which I found while looking for Michael Parks clips. Well, he also used the names Nick Carrington and Adam Rose. It's hard to find his clips, with terms "cougar" leading to older women and anime porn.
DVDs and VODs are a dime a dozen now, but frak eBay and POD. LOL!

Well, Christmas cums early for me! 

Nick Cougar had a short career in gay porn from 1988 to 1991.  He was a versatile performer and appeared in approximately 15 film productions. Something about his lazy sexy thrusts and his muscley soft frame drives me into the zone. 

My first sighting of him may have been a long-forgotten or taped over Old Reliable jackoff scene. 

He seemed like straight trade. Then, seeing him pound man ass, then today discovering more of his bottoming scenes, I'm tickled.
I know others may dismiss his sexiness, compared to the flood of talent out there more firm, hard, big or slutty. But Nick Cougar did it for me again.

 Powerline flipfuck with Eric Manchester

Other shots:

Oh, to have this in glorious VHS!

That's sure a lot more than the sloppy scenes in Switch Hitters (above).

And here are scenes found online. 
Oh, and here's an album of Cougar cock shots. Enjoy.

Topping Joey Stefano:  

Hot threeway: Nick Cougar fucks Eric Manchester bare, then spreads his beautiful buns for a good ass-plowing.

A hot outdoor session for Nick Cougar with J.D. Slater. In a truncated hot threeway:  

And if you can bear the lengthy other scenes, Nick Cougar is an also-ran in the early "Sticky Business," a shirt no-pants take on "Risky Business." 

I couldn't find the one of him fucking a hairy Les on the floor of a porn shop, or the softball team bisex fuckfest. 

So I'm saving the burned CD, if not the tape. I feel fully Cougar-ized. 

Oh, I got some new Michael Parks stuff: Parks is part of a massive orgy in Boot Black II with Jake Andrews, Casey Jordan, Rob Cryston, Jeff Austin, David Logan, Rick Drake, Kurt Manning (two of whom have fucked me!). 

And since Christmas is coming again, my Wish List includes a few of Cougar's other flicks.

The End!

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