Cumpilation Cornucopia; music, sex & celebs mixed

Here's to the joy of discovering an entirely new throbbing vein of erotic stimulation, and a creative one at that.

AnyBunny has hundreds of mixes, and mostly str8 cumpilations. Allow me to curate this adventure into a new subgenre, the porno music video.

That someone took the time to put these clips together makes them more enjoyable than a mere fuck clip. This is erotic art! Okay, it's just fucking set to music.

Hop hop humping? You got it.

Str8 cumshots to a beatbox? Cummin' atcha.

Uptown Funk turned fuck fest? Yowsa.

Fuck a gay stripper set to Pittbull? Hola, ho!

There's a  Spartacus sex scene compilation (focusing on Lucy Lawless),  celebrities naked in water, 
Ready to Go Shooters is hot guys cumming, a "Classy Music" str8 fuck mix Rough trade cum shots, a cartoon fuck montage,  and even softcore gay sex in comedies.

But my favorite are the music compilations, Cockslapping fuck action, mostly straight, but set to hot music. This one's set to Madonna,  and so's this one, so that's gay enough. Here's one set to Gaga. More gay. Gay fucking with some groovy grooves.

 Gay Bootie fucking  set to "Anaconda." Very gay.
 Twinks fucking to an electro dance beat? Fagulous!

This bisex clip is just music slapped over a scene edit, so it makes me wonder if humans aren't the only ones making these. So's this otherwise hot gay fuck.
 Anyway, here are more gay ones.

You may be asking, why all the Jason Statham sexy pics?

Among the music mixes was one with thumbnail of Jason Statham plowing his co-actor in the R-rated Snatch, the one where he was to jump-start his heart while racing all over town, which includes fucking in public, twice.

Well, some master of editing inserted the thrusty bits from just one of Statham's fuck scenes.
 Just a few bits. The rest is bangin.'

It reminded me a buddy on PornHub who made a bunch of gay and straight porn mixes with Jason Statham, and I capped a bunch of bits.

Not settling for mere animated gifs of Statham's infamous horse race public fuck session, Mike re-edited fucking and those bits from 'Crank.'

A shorter Statham fuck mix set outdoors isn't as good, but this one rocks:

Jason Statham's horse race fuck scene mixed in with real porn; pretty silly, but fun for a wank.

Shall I share more into Statham porn grabs of fake nudes and more fucking? Why not?


The artistic juxtaposition of cinematic .. anyway, it's hot.

Here's the piesta resistance, a cock-jacking gogo X-mix of Statham's gogo boy hip-thrusting in music videos. Hypnotic.

Of course, you can tell I have an affection for erotic montages, as my little promo for my porny books shows.

Enjoy my R-rated YouTube videos (more strippers with cocks bouncing around than music videos).


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