Pluck Your Bangers and Balls

A British kids show called Rainbow pretty much resembles a Monty Python episode with its barely veiled naughty subtext. Lots of banging and wanging and balls. Watch it HERE and have a giggle. Lots of funny innuendo.

For less plucking, and plenty more sucking, fucking in the end - oh!- and lots of bouncing balls - among other body parts - check out Deus Grego, a hot Brazilian blog with more Rapidshare movies than you may ever be able to download. You may want to buy a membership on rapidshare if you don't want to wait every hour for a free download. But I'm all about free porn, so that's your decision. It's always fun to catch up on one's Portuguese.

Deus Grego has a preference for twinks and white "bois," but there are also some muscley types jacking off, and a great collection of the Sean Cody, Bel Ami and other fave sex clips.

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