Sugar Cookies

I hate the War. I think Bush is dumb and evil. There, I said it. Monitor that, AT&T, Verizon, NSA and all you other reichwingers.

But I do love soldiers, as often as possible.

the San Francisco Chronicle published a feel-good photo-filled article about Navy Seals in training. The military couldn't have asked for a more loving, infomercially tribute to its grueling programs that allow men to, in the words of artist Barbara Kruger, "create intricate rituals that allow you to touch the skin of other men."

One of the rituals is having the recruits roll in the sand, becoming what they call "sugar cookies." In a perfect world they'd actually be rolled in sugar and then lick each other clean.

Horrible to think that these prime specimenfolk will soon be the tools of occupation and endless, oil-driven war bent on turning the entire Middle East into a US-controlled property.

Some soldiers seem to have some free time to show off their cocks in between blowing up alleged "insurgents" and according to recent news, shooting pregnant women.

It's a weird thing, eroticizing those whose morals may have gone overboard. But somewhere over there are a few gay soldiers who are just doing their jobs, even if it really is for the evil, corrupt Halliburton and Bush's oil-greedy colluders.

So, if you can put your politics aside - and I don't -support our troops. Give them hot sex whenever possible!

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