I love Gay Pride. I love lesbian Pride. I love bi, trans, and everything in between pride.

Why? Because the bible says pride is the greatest sin!

Not murder, not rape, not treason, not election fraud, not pederasty (a popular Republican pasttime), and not even sneezing into the salad bar. Nope, according to them, it's pride.

Just being proud to be a human being who isn't a reichwing fucktwit is a sin to people who worship a guy who got tortured to death.

What. Ev. Er.

For gay men, the most basic way of showing your pride is being good at gay sex. I'm proud to be so good at sucking cock I can turn the most stalwart suckee into a quivering premature ejaculator.

Take TJ Cummings, an allegedly straight porn guy who takes a huge stiff cock up his ass in THIS video. Wouldn't you be proud to fuck that ass? Wouldn't you be proud to be such a tight and satisfying bottom?

So, to review: show your pride by being good at sodomy, like these Two guys fucking. Man, that is some ass-pounding! I'd be proud to be on either end of that.

Happy ass-fucking cocksucking rainbow-draped cuddly beary twinkie cloney dykey tranny pride!

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