Puddy's Pud

Or, Maxwell' Silver Hammer, or The Tick's dick, or Hey, finally screenshots of actor Patrick Warburton's amazing full frontal nude scene in the opening of his latest film, the obscure new indie flick, The Civilization of Maxwell Bright!

Man, check that cock, bouncing up and down, apparently uncut, and big even soft (or slightly fluffed?). Either way, good luck finding a copy of the film, which isn't available in the US yet, and was only screened at a few festivals. Apparently , it's about a guy going through a crisis after being confronted as a womanizer and getting cancer. Or something.

But who cares? Warburton adds this prime bare bear scene to his already amusing collection of nude scenes and unusual creative films, along with being the funny, dopey yet sexy Puddy from the TV show Seinfeld. Although many like the full pube look, it would have been nice if he'd trimmed the lower parts to show off his swingin' balls.

Here is a short clip of this scene. It's a DIVX file. If that's not your type, change the suffix .divx to .avi after downloading, and it will play in Quicktime.

To complete our celebration of Independent (film) Day, here's a few screencaps of Patrick's hot backside from a previous flick.

Ooh, man, I'd like to be cumspurtin' on Warburton!


K said...

VERY, very nice....thx

Anonymous said...

Thank you for these great pics of Puddy! I've always had a crush on him since his hilarious appearances on Seinfeld.