Jason Varitush

With Gay Games VII starting in a few days, why not keep going with a sports theme. I couldn't care less about baseball, however, unless it involves the exposure of meaty manflesh - the Boston Red Sox's Jason Varitek, in this case.

A fake butt shot of him in a locker room made the rounds a while back, but this ass shot is caught on tape by a clumsy cameraman, who doesn't realize that his best cinematography was accidental. Check out the naked stud in the back ground of this video (click on "Schilling discusses Sox loss"). Yep, it's Jason!

An industrious Campfire regular posted this (thank goodness; I'd never bear wading through boring sports blather in order to get to "the goods."

Some tech-savvy horndog then copied the video to Rapidshare. This will now commnce the Internet rounds, and verify that Varitek is asstastic. I'll screencap some more ass shots without coach Schilling's hammy face. Mo betta butt shots in a bit.

Whew! I bet Jason thougth he got enough exposure to gay voyeurs when he got a pedicure on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Having surveyed his gluteal glory, it would appear that a full release prostate massage should be added to the menu!

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