Masked Mosexual

Who's the man of your dreams? Who's the man of your darkest nightmares - I mean one you'd fuck.

Being tied up, bound, blindfolded, jacked off, spanked, pinched or prodded turn you on? Check this little sample here of such sex acts.

Here's Chris Geary in a ski mask sucking off a sleeping guy. Pretty hot fantasy.

One of my more acclaimed short stories was the title piece in my first anthology Bone. It's about a guy who gets sexually attacked by a ski-mask donning intruder. It turns out the fucker is his cop boyfriend playing out a fantasy. So, it's okay.

It's interesting to ride the line between illegal and disturbing activity, and playing it out with other consenting partners.
For example, military sex fantasies may be passé, what with the US doing more torture than an IML convention. But nothing beats beating off a real military stud,

sucking a jarhead cock, or fucking a real Marine ass. The only problem is, once you start talking politics, the romance ends.

It's difficult for some to not be judgemental. But hey, so long as nobody gets hurt, and everybody gets off. But please don't ejaculate in my ear. I'm not into aural sex.

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