Branson, You're a Fine One

Whatever happened to Real porn stars? I mean all the amateurs and nameless pseudo-straight guys turn us on for their novelty. Sure.
But when was the last time a guy could truly be called a porn STAR?

That time was the recent era of Mike Branson. The last of the great studio studs, the man's cock could hold up a chair. He could pound an ass into next Tuesday, lick a butt while grinning, and blast a load worth eating.

Here, Mike fucks Tom Chase in the ass. I love it when a huge-cocked guy whines and moans like a faux-virgin.

And what could be more pleasing than a hot top who lets you at least enjoy licking his ass, if not fucking it?

Apparently, "Branson" gave it all up, including his stage name, for a non-porn career in law. We know he's got some hot briefs! And his defense might result in some stiff sentences. Whatever. Better to get off and out before the looks fade, perhaps.

But something tells me this stud would look hot even in his 90s. Oh, well. It's all on film, er, tape, er DVD, er Rapidshare, er, eVideoshare. He and his cock are e-mortal.

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