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Or, perhaps Why Don't We Do It in the Road?

Gay Couple Has Public Sex in Russian Street

Two men drew applause from residents of Ekaterinburg in Russia’s Urals as they undressed in the street, kissed in front of the gathering crowd and finally performed oral sex on each other.

On Monday, two apparently drunk men stopped on the central street of the biggest Urals city and started dancing. While dancing, the couple stroked each other lovingly, gradually undressing and kissing passionately, the Ura.ru website reports.

People who gathered around the couple reacted quite positively, took photographs, applauded and recorded them on video. Nobody bothered to call the police or protest. The show concluded by one of the men giving the other a blow job, after that the two promptly left and the audience strode off too.

The police said they had not received a single alarm call. “Such actions are classified as an administrative offence and are definitely punishable,” a spokesman for the law-enforcement agencies said.

“Naturally, had we received an alarm, our officers would have immediately put an end to the incident.”

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Hey, perhaps it could happen to you this weekend. tonight (Thursday Sept. 7) is a full moon. Sounds like the night is ripe for fucking in the street.

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