Stade-y as you Go!

The big star of the 2007 Stade France Rugby Calendar and DVD is a hunky import from the Glasgow Warriors, Sean LaMont.

It's not only his huge uncut cock that's got the gays a droolin', but his fashion sense (blond dye job) and obvious comfort in being the newest, hungest gay icon. HERE's an interview with Sean on the Warrior's site.

Lamont discusses his nude photo shoot in The UK's Daily Record: "I was very surprised at the shots they actually used - and one was a bit more shocking than the others. I was the only overseas player to be invited which I suppose is something."

Well, Sean, your ginormous uncut schlong is something, and you'd probably be even more surprised to see how much of it is being shown in the DVD, and how many mos all over the world are jacking off to its beauty right now.

Sean makes some comments about an opponent which I am happy to misconstrue.

He mentions, "extremely talented players who will be very strong in the offload situation."

No, Sean, you're the champion in helping thousands get their load off.

Remember, guys. It's for charity, so shop freely.

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