Gay Pride Packages

It's June, Gay Pride Month. To celebrate our rainbow holiday season, I thought I'd focus my month's posts on handsome out gay men. there may be a few porn studs, but I'll mostly focus on actors and celebs who look good, even if they haven't posed fully nude. Except some movie screencaps.

First up: Ed Fury! (image courtesy NightCharm)

According to Brian's Drive-In Theatre, the fabuous site of male hunks in cinema, "Born Edmund Holovchik in June 1928 (some sources cite 1934 as Fury's date of birth), Ed Fury matured into a very athletic teenager. While he wrestled in school and lifted weights, he didn't work toward the gargantuan build as did some of his contemporaries, such as Steve Reeves and Reg Park. Rather, his athletic and acting abilities were used more to portray strength. His impressive physique made him a natural contender for the Mr. Muscle Beach title in 1951 and 1953, coming in third and second, respectively."

The handsome physique model posed nude and in the classic posing straps of the 50s. He's still alive, last I heard, and was also the star of some campy sword and sandal flicks. I don't care how old he is; I'd still gladly give him a good hot suck and fuck.

For more hot vintage muscle pics, including some nice nudie shots of guys straight and gay, see www.malephysiquevintage.com. It's mostly in French, but you'll figure it out.

For more Ed pics, see Brian's gallery of Ed Fury pics!

Here's to Ed, making gay muscle hot in glorious black and white!

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