Pride Package: Robert Gant

Born and raised in Tampa, Florida July 13 1968 as Robert Gonzalez, in just a few years, Robert Gant has gone from real-life Ivy Leaguer and barrister-in-training to portraying the Good Humor Man, a sexy handyman, the all-around nice guy, an offbeat high school vice principal... and most recently, a professor of literature and gay studies.

Gant began acting and performing at a young age. He appeared in a national TV commercial for Cheerios cereal in the fifth grade and did a soft-shoe routine at age 11 with legendary comedian Bob Hope as part of a USO show. In high school, Robert ("Bobby") was involved in a variety of extracurricular activities. He sang in a barbershop quartet, appeared in the school's theatrical productions (including "Grease"), and played football.

Gant remained active in theatrical and musical endeavors in college but had his eyes set on becoming an attorney. He studied pre-law at the University of Pennsylvania, earning his undergrad degree in 1990. He received his law degree from Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, DC, in 1993 and took a job in Los Angeles with a law firm.

When the LA branch of the firm closed in 1994, Gant remained in California to pursue an acting career. At first, he landed small roles and guest appearances on several television programs, including My So-Called Life, Step by Step, Melrose Place, Friends, and Ellen.

In 1996, Robert was selected from a pool of more than 500 applicants to reprise the role of the Good Humor Man; he donned a white suit and black bow tie, drove a Good Humor ice cream truck, and sang and danced in a series of commercials for the Good Humor-Breyers Ice Cream Company. He also appeared in commercials for Coors Light beer, Saturn cars, and Hanes underwear (with Michael Jordan). He also made a straight softcore movie - faking sex with -shock- a woman!

Robert later had recurring guest star roles on Caroline in the City, as Caroline's (Lea Thompson's) boyfriend Trevor, and on Popular, as Vice Principal (and then Principal) Calvin Krupps of Kennedy (as in "Jackie O") High School. In Spring 2002, he joined the cast of Queer as Folk as Ben Bruckner, a professor of literature and gay studies who develops a romantic relationship with one of the show's main characters, Michael (played by Hal Sparks). Gant's film credits include Cityscrapes: Los Angeles, Jane Street, The Contract, Fits and Starts, and the TV movie, Bitter Vengeance.

In August of 2002 he came out as a gay actor in the Advocate. He's since worked with Chad Allen to create a film production company that focuses on gay stories.

And he's got a hot smokin' bod!!

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