Burning Desire

Sorry it has been more than a month since I posted anything. I was on vacation, in Italy and Greece. Sadly, I smelled, but didn't see, the terrible fires in Greece, which destoryed part of the ancient Olympic grounds where all my favorite mythological gladiator movies and - I believe- the ancient gods once trod.

Plus, all the new September 11 memorials and rightwing propaganda (The surge is going great! Give us more time - oh, and a few more trillion dollars, please) infesting the news shortly after my return to New york didn't help much.

Besides, I discovered that you guys were visiting my site 2000 a day even without new posts. Anyway, I'll be back to more fun, when I'm in the mood.

Oh, and my book, Q-FAQ is bumped to October for release, but you can still pre-order it and get it in a few weeks.

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