Polo Player Porks Punks!

Let's say you're successful college dude at a prestigious university, say Yale. You're also on a high-ranked sports team, say, water polo. What do you do in your spare time? Take the train from Connecticut to Manhattan and make a quickie porn video with three totally skanky dudes in a ratty apartment!

But let's say some mo bro on campus puts two and two together while he's scouring the net for porn, and sees your little epic online. What if he then outs you on a no-rules vicious rumor-mongering website. suddenly, lots of classmates and teammates see you sucking cocks and fucking and getting fucked on a cheap mattress in Metropolis. That puts a monkey wrench in your study sessions.

Say that then the New York Times in all its venerable Old Grey Lady-ness calls you for an interview. You consent, anonymously, and say, "“I’m trying to zone it out. What else could I really do?”

Well, you could have chosen at least a few less skanky guys to suck and fuck with. But there's no accounting for taste.

So, in between being a gossip item here and there, you've got to get off, er, on, with your stud-fucking, er, studies.

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whitedeathmoth said...

oh... i'm one of the "skanky" guys in that video.
funny though.