Schtupping Steve Kelso

More than 10 years ago, Colt Studios had one of their models become a national sensation; Steve Kelso.

Decidedly smaller in build than your average Colt model, and shorter, Kelso eventually posed for three years' worth of calendars, and a video that shied just short of a complete jack-off session. Kelso left modeling after a brief stint at some less flattering indie pics.

So, the question is, who gets to fuck Steve Kelso?

Did you know he's the manager of The Den Nightclub in Somerset, New Jersey? It's a popular suburban gay nightclub.

I wonder what it's like to work for him and resist the temptation to rip off his clothes. Who gets to do that?

I wonder if he usually comes home late at night exhausted, just enough to lay down and have his lover give him a nice massage, or perhaps just a little tongue bath. Perhaps Steve is usually too tired to get fucked, but lets his lover lick his butt and perhaps wiggle a finger inside while he jacks off.

Maybe because of his schedule, Steve is more of a daytime fucker. While the sun is shining through a window, he likes to enjoy the late morning coffee buzz and just ride his lover's ass. Maybe only on slow days does he feel like getting fucked.

Does Steve still occasionally shave his ass? Is it more furry now, or tight, or has gravity taken its toll just a bit?

Does Steve like to park his ass over a cock? Does he prefer to lay on his belly and let his ass be licked, fingered, and slowly at first filled with a hard cock? Does he enjoy crouching down, or on all fours, his ass cheeks spread and his hole ready for deep probing inspections with a finger, a tongue, or toys? Does the guy who gets to fuck Steve Kelso crouch down behind him as he slams his cock in and out? Does Steve demand a tender lubed up glide in and out? Does he once in a while like to be totally pounded into the ground, on the carpeted floor, or on a blanket in the woods?

Does the guy who gets to fuck Steve Kelso first or at any time get Steve on his knees to suck his own cock, and is he ever able to resist the desire to grab hold of Steve's adorable jug ears and guide Steve's face back and forth as he shoves his cock in and out of Steve's mouth?

Does the guy who gets to kiss Steve Kelso, and feel his cock around Steve's lips, and get his ass licked and rimmed by Steve, ever miss that trademark mustache? Does he beg Steve to grow it back? Does he resent it when Steve shaves and looks less like the popular nude model, and more like just another hot daddy who lives in New Jersey?

Does the guy who gets to fuck Steve Kelso ever say to himself, "Man, I get to fuck Steve Kelso!" Does he thank whatever god(s) each and every day? Does he imagine the number of men who envy him? Does he have to fight them off daily? Does he think that Steve is just a former model, not the most popular model in Colt's history, or one of the most recognized nude male models in the 20th century? Or is he just "my boyfriend," or "my partner," or does Steve let other guys fuck him?

Does he mind if they mutter to themselves as they suck his cock and lick his ass, "Mmm, I'm licking Steve Kelso's cock," or "Fuckin' steve Kelso's hot ass"? Does he prefer if they just treat him like a regular guy, not the most fuckable daddy in the Eastern hemisphere?

Has Steve ever gotten to the point with a lover or fuck buddy where he can get fucked without a condom? Who gets to feel inside Steve's tight butt with his cock or tongue? Does he get to shoot his sperm on Steve's nearly perfect ass? Does he lick it off?

Does he fuck Steve with Steve's legs spread wide, on his back, and does Steve ejaculate all over his amazing furry chest? Does he get to lick it off? Does he sometimes instead lean down to catch the flying globs of Steve Kelso's sperm and savor it in his mouth? How long can he wait before he has to swallow that sperm, instead of letting it remain on his tongue, or the errant drops of it dry on his face?

Wouldn't it be terrible to have to finally bathe and remove the scent and trace of Steve Kelso from your body? To be his lover so long, and even knowing that hundreds, thousands of guys who've jacked off to pictures of Steve would toss you out the door just to be in your place, that sometimes, insane as it may seem, even though his pert, tight ass is only inches away from you, you're just not in the mood to fuck Steve Kelso?

Just wondering.

(Most pics and video copyright Colt Studios. Please patronize them. They are simply the best in male erotica!)


Gregory said...

God knows where it was but YEARS ago I read an interview with Steve Kelso and he was outrageously witty, charming and sophisticated. Absolutley adorable. Who knew?! I wish him the best.

Michael said...

I love this post. I saw Steve once at The Cuff - a Seattle lite/leather bar where he was appearing one night. He simply glowed with friendly male sexual energy.

Your point is interesting: does Zeus ever take Ganymede for granted?

NV said...

AWESOME post. I couldn't have done it better myself, so I'm just sending readers your way :-)