Hip, Hip, Ho'-ray

In my teeny youth, I had to steal a Playgirl magazine from a drug store to get my rocks off.

Nowadays, queer teeny boys can just go to YouTube to see a Playgirl model (who's also "Reese Rideout," a Randy Blue model who's sucked, fucked, been fucked, and dildo-fucked himself with total elan) shake his ass and hula hoop with a Wii.

You kids don't know how fuckin' lucky you are.

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john7569 said...

Did you know that Reese aka Nicholas is married and he and his wife for over a year, has a MySpace page with pics of family, wedding and reception, vacations, and etc. I am not a fan of gay-for-pay performers because I dont believe in that. I have spoken to him several times over the past couple of years, and I found him to be a nice guy but I have to admit that since I found this info out, I have lost some interest in him..I feel guys who do this gay-for-pay thing and still proclaim to be straight is like a slap to the gay community for I feel to be gay is not a choice that can be turned on or off...besides, what guy would choose to this orientation due to the ridicule and struggles that a gay person goes through...