Penile Break

Yes, I like to watch Grey's Anatomy, and not just for the cute cast members.

Yes, McDreamy, aka Eric Dane's member, is one I'd like to suck on. And even if we were acting, I would never, ever be so clumsy as to break or harm his (probably) beautiful erect cock in any way.

No, like most people, I'd never heard of "penile fracture" before the now infamous episode where his character "breaks" his erection while vigorously fucking "Little Grey" (the female lead character's younger sister).

No, I was not one of apparently millions of fraught men who Googled "penile fracture" after seeing the episode.

No, I've never broken my penis, although it's been sore on occasion, and felt painful for a moment at times during some more gymnastic sexual positions.

But if you do, a fracture can occur when abnormal force is applied to the erect penis, and results in a cracking noise combined with intense pain.

It is caused by a "tear in the tunica albuginea, the thick fibrous coat surrounding the corpora cavernosum tissue that produces an erection". It's treated with pain relief, ice packs and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Yes, I have posted these fake pics of Eric Dane purely for the purpose of getting web hits by typing "penile breakage," "fractured penis" and "broken penis" a lot.

Now, take a break with more penis.

And be careful!

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DB said...

Actually this subject was covered by "ER" years ago!