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OMG, a faked cock bulge in a clothing catalog!

Huffington Post is cribbing Jezebel, who cribbed from Towelroad, or the other way around.

The comments are hilar. "It's Herring BONE, after all." "Add to Cart!" "Nice to see they're using plus-size models."

I've been a fan of clothing catalog bulges for a long time. I scanned a few.

Of course, there are thousands of images and dozens of blogs about soccer, swimming and other sport bulges, and amateur and porn bulges. Those are a dime a dozen.
But The Sharper Image? I'd like to ride that!

The classic is the alleged cock tip exposed in a Sears underwear ad (Sorry, don't have the full image):

Limiting the discussion to covert cock bulge in pants advertising (underwear's too easy), it's worth checking out. Catalog photographers have been doing this for years. "Hey, it's just a fold in the fabric," they'll say. But nothing is accidental in advertising images.

Another is the celebrity Look At My Crotch pose:

The variant, of course, are the homoerotic cigarette ads.

And there's just in-your-face cartoon Camel cock.

Sadly, I haven't saved a lot of those from advertising supplements and catalogs.
so, let's move on to intentional poses with hardons in pants.

Fuck it. Here's truth in advertising: We like a big cock bulge!

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