Brand Randy

Pictures sell.

Pictures of hot men sell.

Pictures of hot men, naked, sell.

Pictures of hot men with hard dicks selling products sell.*

Better yet, pictures of men whose hard dicks you've seen elsewhere, in other ads, clothed, sell.

*(This particular example is unusual; a hot dude in a stock photo depicting Wall Street traders, from a Yahoo News article (the photo's not there). His previous Huge Bare Dicks 8 modeling ensures a bull-ball market.)

Pictures of hot men in suits and ties not showing their hard dicks, but having previously shown their hard dicks, especially hard dicks that have been sucked a thousand times and whose hard dicks have fucked more asses than can be counted, and whose ass has been plowed more times than state full of cornfields, which is a lot, whereby seeing them clothed is still pretty hot, sells.

Pictures sell.

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