Tumblin' Dicks

Oh, the sheer rambling randomness of Tumblr!

It seems that Tumblr has replaced blogging as the new online porn. As Facebook posts are reduced (or duplicated) as random Tweets, now nude dudes are just popping up in a prolific volume that defies categorization. And that's frustrating for me, because I'm all about context. Why is this guy naked? Where is he? How come he's fucking that guy, etc.

Still, I love 'em: Flaccid Affairs, Hot Men X2 and Bad Dogs are just a few of the best. Each one reposts a post from another blog, leading to a Gordian Knot-like game of Weenie Roullette.

I like to know things about nudes. Is the guy a model? A pro whore? European? Some Grindr trick you passed up? your third cousin? Even though Tumblr blogs often claim categorization, they more often just offer a scroll of one hot dude with no context after another. Old Colt models, chunky bears, hung twinks, showering jocks, and the plethora of (often deservedly) narcissistic iPhone self-documenters.

Once in a while, a few amateurs are exhibitionistic enough to post multiple nude self-portraits. We, the voyeurs, then get a sense of the whole man and his holes. It's like collecting baseball cards, with big thick, sometimes, cum-spurting bats.

Here are just two very different guys who, fortunately, shared more than just one nudie pic with the Interwebs. Above is a hairy gorgeous lean dude. Below is a husky Wolverine. Both are completely different, yet completely fuckable.

(Hehe; update Bad Dog mentioned my mention of his blog. I got a boner. Okay, I already had one while scrollin' through his new stuff.)

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Bad Dogs said...

Glad I could give ya a boner. Shoot me a message on Tumblr when you get a minute.


Bad Dogs