Pavel's Dog

Я хочу, чтобы облизать его на всем протяжении.

My discovery du jour is the gorgeous Pavel Petel.
Petel is part of the Russian duo Naked DJs. The duo, Petel and his wild twinky partner, also design cool stuff.

Я выпил бы Павла мочу на завтрак!
A Slavic variation on the Tom of Finland ideal of hyper-masculine perfection, Petel is not averse to a little drag, either.

Павел, позвольте мне лизать задницу в течение месяца.
The stud obviously has a sense of humor about his incredible beauty, as shown through his accurately titled Live Journal, Viagra, Steroids, Hair Removal.

Павел, я бы ограбить банк, чтобы заплатить, чтобы вы DJ голая в моей спальне в течение года.
A Moscovite version of Francois Sagat, Petel seems wryly amused by his natural and constructed beauty, and is one of few muscle men who can get away with a variety of hilariously campy and sexy costumes. Among his recent little DJ strip shows is "Narcissism," his amusing self-love act in front of a mirror.
Enjoy a variety of his photos at clubs, showing off his body in front of former Soviet Republic monuments, and thankfully, his fully naked body!
Павел, позвольте мне кусать соски и сосать, что твердый член.
Павел Петель мог сидеть на моем лице, пока мне не задушила его красотой.

Some entrepreneurial U.S. club promoter needs to get off his/her ass and bring these two to the States, before such wild fun is completely outlawed here.
Funny how a former communist empire is now better at racy nightlife than we are.

See Pavel in action!

Павел Петель мог сидеть на моем лице, пока мне не задушила его красотой.

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