Model Behavior

Ever since mankind could scrape a drawing on a cave wall or sculpt a bit of stone or clay, the male (and female) ideal of physical beauty has been put on a pedestal as a "model" of perfection.

Thousands of years later, models still serve to showcase fashion, from underwear to high couture, while still leaving the majority of us regular folks to feel somewhat inadequate by comparison, and sometimes compelled to purchase the perfumes, furs or other fancy products with the tacit understanding that we may never compare to their paid-for strutting beauty.

Oh, well. It's nice to have goals.

This recent photo, which got tossed around on the Gordian Knot of Tumblr nudie blogs, shows a big muscular and probably Italian male model strutting what the gods gave him.

While I'm rather sure it's a well-done fake (if it were real, there would be a LOT of other pics; the room at any runway show is half-full of photographers), it does recall the increasing commingling of erotica and high fashion (I'd love for anyone to present other pictures of this fantastic specimen, real, fake, clothed or not, as well as - oh, please, oh, please- video footage of this hunk working the catwalk while his gonads do the bouncy-bouncy).

This isn't the first time male pulchritude has been displayed for the obtuse purpose of selling fancy rags, or on the runway.

The most amusing and well-known are the two surf hunks who bared all...

... and another model who, along with spooky contact lenses, deliberately displayed his peen popping out of a high-fashion fly.

But as deftly explored by the tantalizing Favorite Hunks blog, the line between erotica and high fashion modeling has been blurred, or, more precisely, put into sharp focus, specifically toward the full-frontal nude bodies of male models.

A popular shot is that of the model allegedly showing off designer underwear.
Brock Chapman:
Unknown yet amazing:

But the wet, semi-erect shots seem to obliterate any memory of which underwear we're supposed to buy to emulate these hung hunks. Instead, we end up simply drooling at their bodies and fantastically huge cocks.

Here's Dale Rouse and his amazing cock. Oh, and a hat.

Here's Todd Sanfield and his amazing cock. Oh, and some underwear.

Here's Todd and his amazing ass.

We're all well aware of the now-famous controversy over model Joseph Sayers' first nude modeling session, and how those photos became so sought after because of their rarity. These days, seeing Joe's johnson isn't so rare, but always nice.

These days, Sayers often shows his entire body, if not his winking butthole.

And 'Boys Gone Wild' subject Michael Biserta, briefly went into modeling briefs...
..while briefly being known more for an appendage that's hardly brief:

Tangents of this theme include porn actors who've freelanced in regular modeling; the whimsically gorgeous Francois Sagat, and former Sean Cody fuck machine Harley (aka model Simon Dexter).

Here's Harley getting fucked.

Other male models who have yet to take the plunge into orifice-entering erotica, thankfully show their goods in arty poses that have little, if anything, to do with selling clothes.

Model Michael Fusco, just being perfect:

Model Jamie Dominic; you don't want that underwear...
... you want what's in them.

Some, perhaps enjoying the frisson of their deserved exhibitionism, take the Internet initiative, and show off their cocks via homemade porn pics and cam videos.

Unknown model, showing it all:

Here's model Ben Ryan, showing off his true talent.

Others, like the gorgeous Benjamin Godfre, simply can't seem to keep their clothes on, and even jacked off in a short video which he shared with his fans. And that's a good thing.
Or, (my big finale!) before becoming models, they jack off and share it online, as with brothers (!!!) Kevin and Joel Baker (just not together).

Time For A Cumshot brought to you by Big Cam Tube

Should we feel inadequate because we're not as photogenic? No, of course. There's a fan base for pretty much any body type these days. Muscular and penile perfection are such a rarity, it's hardly reasonable to consider these hunks as a model of normality.

But they are fun to look at.

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