Suits Me

Ah, New Year's Eve; I have a fond memory of an abrupt encounter at a swanky midtown hotel a few years back. I'd been invited to a huge mixed party; straight and gay, formal, and swanky!

Something about seeing all those straight men in suits get gradually more and more drunk as they pawed their female dates led me to almost ignore my gay pals and target a few objects of "trade."

One of them, a compact fellow whose tie was slightly askew, faltered drunkenly away from his date after she got upset about something.

Crafty me; I followed him as he swayed down the hotel hallways toward the men's room.

Waiting just long enough to time my entrance to coincide with his mid-piss, i sidled up right next to him, whipped mine out, and openly stared at his gushing weiner.

"Like what you see?" he teased. I licked my lips, smiled and reached for it.

Boy, was I happy that swanky toilet lacked a human attendant, but had those swanky private floor to ceiling doors in the stalls.
He never undressed more than to keep his cock out of his zipper. At least I also managed to pull his balls out before he shot cum in my mouth. One rather quick and insistent blow job later, I left my target to finish whatever he needed to do, washed my hands, and headed back to the dance floor.
I kept an eye out for him, but never saw him again.
It suited me fine. And what a great way to start the new year!

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