Purple Haze

So, a few years ago, my scifi-rotica parody tale Q-FAQ got published. But then the publisher conked out and you have to scrape the barrel of used books for sale to get a copy. Yeah, it got some tepid reviews here and there.

But AfterElton.com rated it as 2007's Best Gay Science fiction book. So there.

And heady sexy mythos-themed blog Gosporn called me and my book "prophecy." So there. Actually, he called me an "Apocalyptic Queen." (Goodness!).

"Tom envisions the divided state of the near future America, split tidily along red state, blue state lines. Watching the continuing polarization of the Union, it makes me wonder. I imagine the U.S. split in twain, with Sarah Palin and the Fundies running the red states. They will immediately attempt to regain God’s favor by banning homosexuality, work on Sunday, Islam, and Lady Gaga! In other words, a bunch of our brothers and sisters may suddenly be caught behind enemy lines! "

And why would such olden-days raves matter now? Well, my book, Q-FAQ depicts a not-too-distant future America divided state by state, region by region along far left and far right political lines. A conservative religion that hates the gays is in power here, while over there, huge-ass gay circuit parties rave on.
Now that could never happen, right?

Oops. Sorry. It is. Okay, not the flying motorcycles, yet.

But take a gander at the news stories. Sniveling rightwingers are astounded that the President won his re-election fairly. They're probably just astounded by any fair election, what with their evil Rove-ian chicanery.

So, what are these gun-toting, abortion-hating, gay-bashing, Rethuglinutty People of Wal-Mart doing? Seceding!

Yep, the flatulent reichsters, barely able to veil their fervent racism, blame Black people who want "free stuff." they moan about paying for Obamacare while ignoring the fact that Obama is more of a Republican than Reagan was, that their own red states are more full of dependent impoverished welfare-needy folks than any Democratic region. And yet, those very same needy people are lining up to gorge themselves on Chik-Fil-A fatburgers while hanging effigies of Obama as Halloween decorations.

The ridiculous thing is, if these Teahaggots ever do secede, in, say, some fictive world (like my book), they'll be justifiably treated as traitors, illegal aliens, and rounded up in the same manner as their most paranoid nightmares.

But things aren't so black and white as the delusions of the rightwing. Take a look at recent election results, mapped out in various ways. We all looked on in nervous fits as entire chunks of the map went red. But most of that is just open land. The more densely populated areas voted for Obama. the other areas are just dense.
What voting results really look like are more of a morphing, purplish mass, which looks like something out of a tissue sample.

M.E.J. Newman's revised cartograph, and other maps, show the strange yet more true picture, a diverse, confusing array of a divided nation.

A nation where in one city a strange rightwing religion (say, Mormonism) can funnel millions of dollars into another state to suppress marriage equality, while another state can be the home of gay marriage and Republican senators.

Prophecy, moi? Naw, just a firm grasp of the obvious.

I'd love for you to read Q-FAQ, so it can give you a taste of what's to come. I'd love to offer it up in a Kindle edition. But it's got a lot of different fonts and graphics, and my tests for the ebook version are problematic. So, for now, you'll have to enjoy The Tom Bacchus Trilogy, my brand ass-spankin' new versions of old stories, and a bunch of new ones. Whack on, whack off.

Enough politics. Did I also mention that Q-FAQ includes a chapter with a huge on-stage gay orgy?

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