Marky Marked

Graham Norton Show. Best interview in a while.

Drunk Mark Wahlberg tells a tale of his son punching Dwayne Johnson in the nuts, while amply showing his own in a tightly fitting suit. totally "Men at Play' scene one. Somebody make some fake cock shots so Marky can follow up on his bet with Fassbinder.

"I wanna have a big dick contest," he joked, followed by "But I left mine back at the hotel."

The contents of his pants prove otherwise:

Fassbinder was later asked yet again of his enormous penis, and its cinematic premiere, with his parents.

The fact that leggy Silverman deftly segued the sodden Wahlberg and the erudite Fassy neatly added to Graham's show and its impending resemblance to a 70s threeway porno.

But Wahlberg needs to answer to that dare. If he wants to have a big dick contest, which his ego and crotch show a need for, then have at it.

Just show us your cock, Mark. The real one.

It looks like all it takes is a little more wine.

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