G-Spot Salad

So, this little cutie's either got a really sensitive ass, or his pal's got a really talented tongue. Maybe it's both! (download link is long gone.)

I know that when my sex pals find my G-spot (i.e. near the prostate), I have been known to spurt spontaneously that way, too, and make a guy do the same.

Remember, guys, your butt is a sex organ. Enjoy it!


tbacchus said...

my name is Tom Bacchus
I enjoy your site..
and your book Bone

Tom said...

Really? I know there's a real estate guy somewhere with the same name online who must be freaking out about my porn. Glad a fellow with the same name likes the stuff, and the book!

tom said...

I'm not that guy, I live in Tx
with my partner and 2 1/2 yr son
My partner was freaked when he
saw your site and gave him your book. Seems we both like may of
the same Gage films.. El paso..
La tool.... etc..
only pic I have on web is
2yr old on pride parenting site,
myself holding newborn ,
and my partner, son, me , and birth
Don't know if we are related?
father Harold, grandfather Morgan
from Tx..
I'm 48 yrs old..
Waiting for you next book to come

AJ said...

What a great blog! Tom any idea who the actors in the clip are or the name of the video?
Good luck with your book!