ASSistant Dean

My desires used to be all about cock. Well, faces and arms and legs and chests, but not so much about ass. Then, as I learned how to be a top - in my late 20s - I gradually came to appreciate the male ass as a source of pleasure. Okay, i went back to bottoming, too.

But nothing's more fun than the fantasy of licking, fingering and fucking a male heterosexual ass.

Dean of the "Straight Men" video series, is no doubt the best of the allegedly straight guys who repeatedly get convinced to do all sorts of gay sex acts - poorly. He's boring at jacking off, incompetent at sucking dick, but a few times does manage to get fucked. You can find those videos online at a few other links.

I'd like to simply enjoy Dean's ass for ass's sake; one of the most luscious, muscular and pliable pooties in amateur porndom.

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